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Welcome to www.drdesignz.com! My name is Dennis and this is my little piece of the web where I share my "digitography" work. Digitography is a term I came up with a while ago to describe all of my digitally created images and video. I thought I was pretty clever, but it turns out a lot of people came up with the term long before me and have already used it as part of their business and/or domain name. So "DR Digitograpy" became "DR Designs", which soon became "DR Designz" (with a "Z" due to cyber squatters).

I live in Richmond, Virginia and I'm a member of Richmond Performance Musclecars. RPM is a Fourth Generation F-Body club, the fastest car club in Richmond. I also work with Steve, the owner of www.lsxtune.com, which is a tuning business for LSx engine based cars and trucks. Since much of my life revolves around cars, it is the main subject of my work.

Another hobby of mine is website development. I've been messing around with HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, and MySQL since late 2001, as well as Content Management Systems (CMS) and forum software. In addition to making all of the graphics for this website and www.lsxtune.com, I also wrote all of the HTML, CSS, and most of the PHP scripts.

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